Here’s a few testimonials we’ve been emailed and we hope you will come back and share your experience with the game. It has no equal.

After playing Mathino it is obvious that it is more than a mindless card game. It is an enjoyable, and a mind stretching activity. As a math teacher I see great value in the learning processes involved in playing. My 6th grade daughter sees it as a fun game that challenges all of us when we play. We enjoy it as a family game and keep it in our game closet. It isn’t school, it is a good time when we happen to learn and practice math at the same time.
-Wayne S., American Fork, Utah, Jr. High Math Teacher

I like Mathino because there is more than one way to capture a card. If someone spoils your strategy of capturing a certain card, you can still come up with other ways to capture it. You have to strategize and be creative, so Mathino makes you use skills other than math, which makes it a lot more fun than normal math practice.
-Savanna N., 9th Grader

It makes the challenges of math fun. It is exciting learning new things while beating my math teacher Dad. It’s like a fun puzzle where I have to put the numbers together in ways that equal new things.
-Melissa S.

My two college boys love Mathino.  The innumerable ways of manipulating numbers combined with its unpredictability engages the mind, but keeps you guessing as to who will win!  My high school daughter likes it better than Krypto.  I believe it builds strategy skills, and number sense in an engaging way.  The more a person juggles numbers, the better they become at math.  Our family really enjoys Mathino.  I just wish it had been available when they were younger.
-David C, Lehi, Utah, 5th Grade Elementary School Teacher

I Loved mathino! It was awesome! it was fun when you could ruin someone elses plans and get yours with so many! It was a blast! I loved the almost intenseness hoping no one would foil your plans! I like having to actually think of what you can do, using the “operations” of math! Adding, multiplying, sum of the digits, using integers and negatives, Dividing! and almost anything! I think anyone would love this game! try it, buy it, LOVE IT! 😀
-Aspen N., 6th Grader

We played it over the past weekend, and we had a good time. Our 11- and 13-year-olds seemed to pick up on it quite well, although it was a little more difficult for our 8-year-old. The rules seemed quite understandable, although it took one or two rounds to figure out what the discard procedure was (i.e., when it was appropriate to discard). I’m still a little unsure about the penalty rule, regarding the circumstances when the 14-point penalty is applied. We enjoyed it, and I’m sure we’ll play it again!
[Editor’s note: players discard any time they can’t build on a stack or when there’s no card on the table to play from. The 14-point penalty is in the game just to ensure a player doesn’t solely try to interfere with another player’s build stack (ie. if you can’t build on and capture a pile, you may not just toss a card into someone else’s pile just to mess up their opportunity to capture a stack).]

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Master Math While Having Fun

  • Addition
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  • Division
  • Squaring & Cubing
  • Square & Cube Rooting

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