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Mathino is a game filled with possibilities for developing math skills and understanding the relationships numbers have with each other. As you develop strategies, please feel free to list them below and help give other players ideas on ways to play the game.

Here’s one for when you’re dealt two 9’s. Any number times 9 can have its digits summed to a value of 9, making it possible to capture the stack with your second nine (or if you have other cards you can play from a 9 with). For example, you could take all the cards not yet built upon on the field and put them together in a stack and say their combined values were 17. 17 times 9 is 153. 1+5+3 is 9 so summing the digits lets you build on a stack of 9. This is an easy way to try and get many cards into a stack you can capture.

Please post your strategies below.

Master Math While Having Fun

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Squaring & Cubing
  • Square & Cube Rooting

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